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The Exercise Diet part 5

When I found that I had gained so much weight over Christmas I was actually quite disappointed and that old feeling that keeping my weight down being a mountainous task was coming down on me like a thick fog.

I felt truly disheartened but not quite ready to give up and become blob woman! Coincidentally my husband had also decided to try to seriously lose weight so I encouraged him to calorie count just to understand what is in each type of food. So we both started the tedious job of keeping track of what we ate.

He was flabbergasted to learn how many calories are in a doughnut and started to understand why I frowned so much when he even considered having a croissant for breakfast.

But more Interesting for me was to see how much I was actually eating and how much I was burning off.

What a pig!!

The Good news was that I could easily stop eating the really bad stuff, like family pack sizes of kettle crisps, and the weight really did come off as easily as it went on!

I used https://cronometer.com to task nutrition and exercise. It’s fine although you need to find the American name for some things or it won’t find the food. E.g. Yorkshire Puddings are called popovers.  There is also My fitness Pal https://www.myfitnesspal.com which seems to do the same job.

So if you are like me and curious to know how exercise and diet can affect your weight, be reassured that it can be controlled within reason. Also, it is much better to be over weight and exercising regularly so that you are fit than it is to be a slim couch potato.

Having been the worst in my class at sport throughout school I would like to encourage anyone like me to take up a sport now as there will be no teacher to tell you you aren’t good enough. You can exercise in privacy, meet up with friends or get to know new people at a local club. You never know, you might find that you start to enjoy it!!!


The Exercise Diet part 4

I said that I was trying out this exercise routine to see if I could lose weight without going on a diet or at least keep my weight from increasing without having to starve myself. I found that increasing my amount of exercise dramatically enabled me to eat anything I wanted without putting on weight.


Christmas soldier

I guess that my usual diet can’t be that bad because the Christmas weight explosion was not avoided this year!  Even though I kept up my exercise every day, I still gained half a stone, just like I do every year!

That’s interesting. It means that my normal diet is not that unhealthy yet I can still feel like I’m getting to eat lots of yummy things. It’s also interesting that I gained the same amount of weight over Christmas even though the percentage increase in calories must have been much less and I should have been burning off more of those anyway.

So now I am in need of losing weight. I’m wondering if by going back to a healthy diet together with exercise will do the trick or will I have to go back to feeling hungry all the time and gnaw on a stick of celery?

The Exercise Diet Part 2

OK so now I have been swimming 5-6 times a week doing 64 lengths (25 metres per length) for the past few months. I’ve gone from taking 50 minutes to 38 minutes to do that mile so that is success, even if it wasn’t my goal.  Well actually I started to yearn to be able to swim faster because swimming takes up so much time by the time you get there, get changed, swim, shower, get dressed…

I’ve become so envious of those swimmers who skim along the surface like they are wearing flippers! Still I’ve met some very lovely people who swim every morning.

So? Did I lose weight? Well, no, I didn’t!


Now this is a biggie, I can’t run to save my life!

But maybe after all this swimming I could try to learn? You might ask why. Well, for one thing, folks tell me that it’s very hard to lose weight by just swimming. I presume it’s just not strenuous enough.

But I don’t own any trainers


Jogging pants!

So I bought some hi-tec silver shadow trainers for £30. If they are good enough for the British army, they are more than good enough for me.

I needed to know how far I was running: how can you measure your success without measuring something? So I downloaded an app for my phone: “Couch to 5k” sounded like my mind of thing. I mean, I’m not exactly Ms fitness champion so I decided to ease myself into it.  Here’s the URL for the app:


http://www.active.com/mobile/couch-to-5k-app?int=mob-homepage-couch-to-5k-app-03couch to 5k

Well I loved this! Walk for 5 minutes to warm up and then jog for 1 minute, walk for 1.5, run for 1, etc. Easy peasy, even I can do that! I loved the way I could compare my runs, the routes and the times and it was reassuring to have a voice telling me when to jog (and especially when to walk!). It’s better than swimming as you don’t spend most of your time looking at tiles at the bottom of the pool which is soooo dull.

Trouble is, although I’m now exercising every day, I’ve put on weight!!!


I think the reason must be that the workout program for running was just too easy going compared to my swims.  Also I have to admit I’ve been gorging myself on biscuits, crisps and various other unhealthy snacks!

Then I realised that the app was very inaccurate when measuring distance. Some sort of bug in the program. Quite a major bug if you ask me!

So I’ve swapped to using Endomodo https://www.endomondo.com/features and I’m aiming at doing 5k per day.


What will this do, apart from making my knees hurt and my sleeping even better?