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The Exercise Diet part 5

When I found that I had gained so much weight over Christmas I was actually quite disappointed and that old feeling that keeping my weight down being a mountainous task was coming down on me like a thick fog.

I felt truly disheartened but not quite ready to give up and become blob woman! Coincidentally my husband had also decided to try to seriously lose weight so I encouraged him to calorie count just to understand what is in each type of food. So we both started the tedious job of keeping track of what we ate.

He was flabbergasted to learn how many calories are in a doughnut and started to understand why I frowned so much when he even considered having a croissant for breakfast.

But more Interesting for me was to see how much I was actually eating and how much I was burning off.

What a pig!!

The Good news was that I could easily stop eating the really bad stuff, like family pack sizes of kettle crisps, and the weight really did come off as easily as it went on!

I used to task nutrition and exercise. It’s fine although you need to find the American name for some things or it won’t find the food. E.g. Yorkshire Puddings are called popovers.  There is also My fitness Pal which seems to do the same job.

So if you are like me and curious to know how exercise and diet can affect your weight, be reassured that it can be controlled within reason. Also, it is much better to be over weight and exercising regularly so that you are fit than it is to be a slim couch potato.

Having been the worst in my class at sport throughout school I would like to encourage anyone like me to take up a sport now as there will be no teacher to tell you you aren’t good enough. You can exercise in privacy, meet up with friends or get to know new people at a local club. You never know, you might find that you start to enjoy it!!!