The Exercise Diet part 4

I said that I was trying out this exercise routine to see if I could lose weight without going on a diet or at least keep my weight from increasing without having to starve myself. I found that increasing my amount of exercise dramatically enabled me to eat anything I wanted without putting on weight.


Christmas soldier

I guess that my usual diet can’t be that bad because the Christmas weight explosion was not avoided this year!  Even though I kept up my exercise every day, I still gained half a stone, just like I do every year!

That’s interesting. It means that my normal diet is not that unhealthy yet I can still feel like I’m getting to eat lots of yummy things. It’s also interesting that I gained the same amount of weight over Christmas even though the percentage increase in calories must have been much less and I should have been burning off more of those anyway.

So now I am in need of losing weight. I’m wondering if by going back to a healthy diet together with exercise will do the trick or will I have to go back to feeling hungry all the time and gnaw on a stick of celery?


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