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The Exercise Diet

There are all sorts of diets out there, Atkins, Cabbage, Weight Watchers.  And we all know that you shouldn’t “go on a diet” you should “change your diet“.

I’ve done the GI diet and what seems to be known as the two five diet.

The GI diet seems to be a healthy version of the Atkins diet but I found that really it was just encouraging you to eat more healthily and the recipes are rather nice.

The two five diet as I’ve heard it called is something I tried after watching Eat, Fast and Live Longer: That’s a really interesting programme and I would recommend watching it.  The idea of this diet is that you fast 2 days of the week: this suited me because I can’t be “good” forever!  Just 2 days of suffering and then you can have some nice food!

They both work if you follow them exactly and I think that they are quite reasonable and healthy. Trouble is keeping to them. I did the GI diet for nearly a year and the two five diet for about a year and a half. After each one I feel back on bad habits. It seems to me that this is par for the course, everyone does it and we are told that this is the road to obesity.

I reflected on the role of exercise in all this. Like many of my friends, I’ve tried going to the gym a couple of times a week or swimming or yoga or exercise classes of one type or another. It doesn’t seem to make a difference.Then it occurred to me. I had been swimming twice a week doing half a mile (32 x 25 meters) and I wondered what would happen if I started swimming a mile 5- 6 times a week. Surely this would have some sort of effect?

Dorothy at 2014 Swimathon

Another side effect of exercise

It’s got to make some sort of difference, right?  I thought that this was an extreme experiment; those of you who have always exercised every day are laughing now!

I really felt 

Doubling the distance of my swim was noticeable and I really felt it!  One side effect that I hadn’t really considered was how much my sleeping was going to improve!

Of course these things take time and after 2 weeks I hadn’t lost any weight at all. I decided that I had to give it longer to really see what difference it would make.  My husband said that I actually did look slimmer even if I hadn’t lost weight; I thought that I did too.

After a month I started to feel less exhausted! I made sure to eat a little something first thing before my morning swim and that seemed to help.  Going every day meant that I didn’t have to choose a day to go, it was just something that I had to do, a bit like commuting!  And as I was doing so much exercise I deserved some of the foods that I would normally only have once a week if at all…

Hmm, now where is that chocolate?