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Last day

This is mostly a collection of photos that I hope will describe my last day at the BBC.  It was one very much of mixed emotions.

Rush Hour

Last time I will have to suffer the commute

Last time I have to take the 7am train to Kings Cross.  Normally more busy but this is the week before Christmas.

The BBC Blue Room

Place where you can get to try out all the latest gadgets that could carry BBC content.

If you love gadgets like I do then you will understand why I have taken a photo of this room!

BBC News 24/7 Operations

Making sure that BBC online stays on air 24 hours of every day

24/7 Operations, these guys are at the coal face.  They do a terrific job keeping the services running and suffer a lot of grief from us devs!


Stand-up by the Kanban Board

This is my team the BBC News AV team; unfortunately Qingyang and Rob had already gone on their Christmas holidays so it is a rather depleted team.  Must be ghostly now that Paul & I have left for good.

My perspective from my desk

The Guys in my team

BBC Television Centre

Walking round the Doughnut

It wouldn’t be complete without pictures of Television Centre the building I first worked in. Where stars such as the Two Ronnies performed and Top of the Pops was broadcast.  It is closing down in March 2013: end of an era: it is after all the very first purpose build television centre.

Studio 1 BBC Television Centre

Strictly Come Dancing

And of course it is still home to some flagship shows!

I am a Dalek

Do not touch or I will exterminate you!

There are some things that lurk in the hidden corridors of Television Centre.   Or just hang about in the Foyer!

Dorothy in the Foyer at BBC Television Centre

Bye bye BBC: Dorothy in the Foyer at BBC Television Centre

I made it past the Dalek!

TVC Christmas Trees

Don’t look back Dorothy!

Now it’s all over…